Hello! I’m John, a professional photographer living in Edinburgh and working across Scotland. I shoot architecture and interiors, exhibition installations, artworks, people and events. I also film and edit videos for various charities, businesses, as well as the odd band or two. Check out my photography and video portfolios for some examples of work and to get an idea of my style.

The refurbishment of this website was one of my coronavirus lockdown projects (today is 15th January 2021)  and continues to be now that we’re in another one. I should have the site looking much better very soon! My video work is really taking off as organisations and businesses suddenly find a need to present themselves online, so it feels magic to be a bit busier after last year. 

It would be great to hear from you if you’re an existing client or a potential new one so say hello at john@thebigsink.com , or via my contact page.

Stay safe friends.